Gorgeous Feather Tattoo

40 Most Popular Feather Tattoos For Women And Men

Tattoos For Men And Women

The feather tattoo is a standout amongst the most looked for after tattoo outline given its social imagery and legacy. The plume tattoo comes in various styles and outlines and has a significant rich foundation with importance which for the most part portrays the character of the feathered creature it’s taken from. Quill tattoos convey such a special unisex tattoo component that regularly holds typical implications like the capacity to take flight either inwardly, profoundly or innovatively.


1 . Tribute Tattoo

This man has got the feather along with birds as a mark of   his favorite   Edgar Allen Poe in this tattoo.


2. Lovely Feather Tattoo

The hummingbird approaching a flower carved along with A  birds and a large feather is the symbol of free and bliss.

Lovely Feather Tattoo

3. Side Feather Tattoo

The feather tattoo in the  side of the body, looks beautiful  and blends with the contours in the body.

Side Feather Tattoo

  1. Blue Feather Tattoo

The birds breaking away from the feather tattoo for a new beginning that must be Blue Feather Tattoo .

Blue Feather Tattoo

5 . Twin Feathers Tattoo

This  feathers represent the girl and her beloved who have found freedom their team .

Twin Feathers Tattoo

  1. Belly Tattoo

Plume floating on the lower stomach is an image of the craving to accomplish flexibility from the servitude that has hindered the wearer’s advancement.

Belly Tattoo

  1. Colorful Feather Tattoo

Pretty lower arm tattoo that has a vast quill with numerous little feathered creatures; a token of autonomy.

Colorful Feather Tattoo

  1. Neck Feather Tattoo

The man speaks to a tribal representation with two huge dark plume tattoos on his neck and piercing on the ear.

Neck Feather Tattoo

  1. Feather Band Tattoo

Masterful quill tattoo that has pretty hues and bends over as an embellishment for the wearer.

Feather Band Tattoo

  1. Cute Feather Tattoo

Yellow and blue plume tattoo, cut behind the ear, looks sweet and holds a unique significance for the wearer.

Cute Feather Tattoo

  1. Wrist Tattoo

Black feather tattoo, carved on wrist, acts as a source of inspiration to the wearer motivating him to take his creativity to new heights.

11. Wrist Tattoo12. Feather Forearm Tattoo

The various little winged creatures flying along the plume are an image of flexibility that is all around portrayed through the quote.

Feather Forearm Tattoo

13. Feather And Script Tattoo

This neckline bone tattoo is an image of the guarantee the young lady has made to herself that she could never give her shortcomings a chance to piece her flexibility.

Feather And Script Tattoo

14. Hand Feather Tattoo

Feather picture cut in dim ink beneath the thumb is an image of flexibility that is accomplished with our honorable activities.

Hand Feather Tattoo15. Upper Back Tattoo

An feather quill and little fowls developing out of it imply the way that we should set ourselves free from the independent chains.

Upper Back Tattoo

  1. Amazing Feather Tattoo

This twisted light blue plume tattoo has a grand tasteful request that looks essentially amazing.

Amazing Feather Tattoo

  1. First Tattoo

The young lady flaunts her first tattoo, cut on the leg that symbolizes adoration, peace and opportunity.

First Tattoo

  1. Feather And Quote

This young lady has a plume and a quote on her feet that state the right to speak freely and expression with the goal that truth is maintained in all conditions.

Feather And Quote

  1. Mini Feather Tattoo

Basic plume tattoo cut behind the ear that whispers the mantra of flexibility into the ears of the young lady.

Mini Feather Tattoo

  1. Quill Tattoo

This plume tattoo is an identification of the calling the wearer rehearses i.e. composing.

Quill Tattoo

  1. Chest Feather Tattoo

Red plume tattoo, cut on the mid-section, is an image of affection that is freeing and happy by nature.

Chest Feather Tattoo

  1. Feathers Pair

Love tattoo bearing twin quills that means the delight the partners find in each other’s organization.

Feathers Pair

  1. Feather For Friend

The young lady got this quill cut on her upper back in memory of her perished companion who has abandoned a legacy of dear recollections.

Feather For Friend

  1. Feather On Forearm

Breathtaking, dim plume engraved on the hand that is a pointer of the fantasies this individual needs to accomplish.

Feather On Forearm

25 . Fine Feather Tattoo

Quill cut on the foot is an image of the marvelous way of the individual and his yearning to proceed onward looking for the fantasies..

Fine Feather Tattoo

  1. Simple Feather Tattoo

A single curly feather adorning the body stands for the fact that simplicity liberates our soul.

Simple Feather Tattoo27. Rib Tattoo

Floating as an afterthought, on the ribcage, this plume tattoo symbolizes the daintiness of psyche the wearer needs to accomplish.

Rib Tattoo28. Flight Of Hope

The birds breaking away from the feather symbolize the desire of the wearer to move on in life on the wings of hope.

Flight Of Hope

29. Shoulder Tattoo

The girl got this feather tattoo on her shoulder as a mark of peace that she has found in her life after letting go off all the regrets.

Shoulder Tattoo30. Writer’s Badge

The ink pot and the feather together point towards the literary profession of the wearer and his passion for it.

Writer’s Badge

  1. Memorial Back Tattoo

This lady recovered a quill on her as a characteristic of recognition for her infant young lady who she lost.

Memorial Back Tattoo

  1. Loving Memory Tattoo

Another dedication tattoo with a sweet line about the dear one who is being missed beyond a reasonable doubt by the wearer.

Loving Memory Tattoo

  1. Memorial Leg Tattoo

The young lady got this lovely tattoo in memory of her close relative that has a falcon plume weaved together with a strip.

Memorial Leg Tattoo

  1. Marching Towards Victory

Fowls leaving a split plume and climbing from the back are an image of triumph over snags.

Marching Towards Victory

  1. Elegant Feather Tattoo

The young lady ha got the little plume cut on her shoulder as it looks inventive and smooth.

Elegant Feather Tattoo

  1. Back Side Feather Tattoo

Flying creatures and wings are a comparison for the otherworldly illumination that a man accomplishes when the brain turns out to be free.

Back Side Feather Tattoo

  1. Hip Feather Tattoo

Looking hot, this plume tattoo draws out the flexibility looking for sexiness of the young lady.

Hip Feather Tattoo

  1. Spiritual Back Tattoo

The plumes floating on the back alongside winged creatures are an image of confidence in god and the joy the wearer feels because of her conviction.

Spiritual Back Tattoo

  1. Foot Feather Tattoo

Light quill flying on the foot connotes the way that we should constantly set foot in the heading that guarantees opportunity and satisfaction.

Foot Feather Tattoo

  1. Gorgeous Feather Tattoo

An enchanting plume tattoo cut with dark and red blend that symbolizes the way that genuine magnificence of life lies in freedom.

Gorgeous Feather Tattoo


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