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Best Ideas About Easy Rangoli Designs For Diwali

Rangoli Design

India is a spiritual country with lot of people in India following different religions and rituals. Rangoli making at the time of Diwali is very popular tradition all over the globe, lots of different styles of rangoli designs are drawn in India at every home, institutions and offices. You can even find more varieties of these in Rangoli competitions which are organized in schools and colleges during diwali festival. Kids enjoy making rangoli using various colors as well as flowers. There are many patterns of Rangoli that are famous all over the world today. Let’s talk about some of the most famous and beautiful looking designs of rangoli which also keep trending on social sites from time to time.

1. Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock Rangoli Design

2. Lord Sun Design

Lord Sun Design


Best New Rangoli Design


new hd rangoli design pics

3. Oggy & Cockroaches Design

Oggy & Cockroaches Design

4. Lord Ganesh Design

Lord Ganesh Design


Diwali special rangoli design image

5. Lord Ganesh Rangoli Design For temple room using fower

Lord Ganesh Rangoli Design For temple room using fower

Diwali is a hindu festival but still this festival is not only limited to Hindus but millions of people of different religion also started celebrating it around the world which contribute in making this festival enormous. Diwali is a symbol of triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Diwali is 5 days festival celebrated with lights. The most common thing you will see on Diwali is that every house in India and also other parts of world where Indian people are living must have made rangoli at their entrance. Rangoli is widely made in India, nepal and Bangladesh who follow this ritual seriously. Rangoli are made on the entrance as well as living room floor with different color flowers petals.

Various other items used for drawing rangoli like:-

  • White colored chalk
  • Rice powder
  • Crushed limestone

There is literally no limit of the designs of Rangoli that it can be made of because creativity has no limit. Mostly in every house Rangoli are created of the same size as the doormat which is placed at the entrance but you can also see various rangoli which are made on large scale for the display and for competition purpose. Lot of Indian kids enjoy making rangoli especially girls, they use all of their creativity. Parents also love seeing their kids taking part in a culture related tradition.

On this great day Goddess Lakshmi – the Goddess of prosperity come to house, therefore we decorate and lighten our house along with various decorative diyas and electric lights. This is the reason rangoli is made on the entrance of home. Diwali is a very religious festival that everyone loves to celebrate on this day everywhere.

There are many tutorials and step to step guide from which you can inspire yourself to create rangoli first time. The most easy and simple method of making rangoli designs is using dot method. In this method one have to just make dots at the edges of a rangoli picture then by removing that picture join all the dots and rangoli design frame is complete except colours. Use color of any choice which matches best with the frame.  

Beautiful Rangoli

Many people also make rangoli in their temple room floor just beside God statue in the temple, in this case they must use fresh and clean ingredients like dry abeer colour, flowers and also spread Gangaajal on it to make it pure.

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