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Swallows ar over simply pretty bluebirds that chirp sweet in your summer garden. generally referred to as Sparrows, Swallows have an expensive maritime history although each creatures have some slight variations, particularly in their coloration. It’s no coincidence that the most character in Disney’s strike, Pirates of the Caribbean, was named Jack Sparrow.

Swallow Tattoos conjointly marked a big milestone during a sailor’s life. Legend has it that the a lot of swallow tattoos that a sailor has, the additional the gap he are going to be able to travel safely. within the period of time, a sailor got tattooed with the image of the bird if he crossed the equator, with success navigated each the Horns of continent and South America, or had sailed the water. each 5000 marine miles was celebrated with a swallow tattoo on your skin.

Sparrows and Swallows were totems of the Greek divinity, Aphrodite, creating them symbols of affection and need. Classic writers like playwright weren’t afraid to play up this association, victimization these birds throughout their works to symbolize lust and keenness. however despite their sexy nature, swallows also are symbols of relationship. they’re adoring mothers and a Mama Swallow can do no matter it takes to shield her nestlings.

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