Rose on the neck

Top 45 Awesome Rose Tattoo Designs For Women And Men

Tattoos For Men And Women

1 Full back of hand rose.

While we tend to admit this isn’t an excellent snap of this tattoo you’ll notice the complete rose across the rear of the hand here, just about all the way down to the knuckles. The red of the rose is incredibly compelling and matches the tattoos increasing the arm well.

Full back of hand rose

2 Large shoulder design

Large shoulder design

If you’re considering an outsized rose style and don’t need to travel across the rear like many of us prefer to do, you would possibly prefer to contemplate inserting it across the whole aspect of your shoulder, like this.

3 Delicate shoulder rose tattoos

Delicate shoulder rose tattoos

Tattoos don’t invariably ought to be massive and brash. Tiny, tortuous styles area unit widespread for ladies, particularly in additional uncommon spots. For tortuous detail like this, you’ll got to visit a extremely complete tattooist – this sort of labor isn’t for beginners!

4. A yellow rose tattoo

A yellow rose tattoo

While historically rose tattoos area unit exhausted red, if you have got another style of rose that you just like, then why not attempt a tattoo therein color, like this style here?

5. Rose on the underwear line

Rose on the underwear line

Underwear line tattoos is terribly seductive, betting on the sort of style and wherever it’s placed. This rose is elegant and attractive beat the one go!



This rose style is that the good size for this a part of the woman’s arm. Notice that you simply will see it bushed the one look and it doesn’t wrap around, but it takes up the complete area. This rose has additionally been drawn during a vogue completely different to most rose tattoos.

7 Near the neck

Near the neck

While this placement isn’t for everybody, atiny low tattoo below the neck doesn’t need to look tacky, as you’ll be able to see by this single, small rose. we actually love the darker shading on this one too. For one thing somewhat completely different, add a pop of color.

8 Stylized rose and dagger

Stylized rose and dagger

This beautiful piece has been wiped out the glass vogue and contains an enormous quantity of vivacious color. whereas several dagger tattoos will seem quite alarming, this one appearance pretentious and exquisite, particularly with the colours used.

9 Wolf and roses.

Wolf and roses

How much time does one have to be compelled to dedicate to your piece? This good trunk piece would’ve taken hours on hours on hours within the chair and certain thousands of greenbacks to complete! The result? a colourful, amazing, intriguing tattoo.

10 Anchor and rose

Anchor and rose

Combine classic tattoo parts for your terribly on fight a classic tattoo, like this anchor and rose tattoo. Can’t decide whether or not you wish the anchor additional or the rose more? Why not do each together!

11 Arty cartoon rose

Arty cartoon rose

Some tattoo artists observe terribly specific designs on their customers, like this one here. typically they’ll build it up as they are going. you’ll typically raise them what parts they’d wish to embody from their previous styles and they’ll sketch up one thing individual for you.

12 Deep red roses

Deep red roses

Rose tattoos don’t continually got to have the deep black define that we have a tendency to sometimes see. you’ll play with colours instead if you would like like this red roses tatt here. Instead use lighter colours to supply highlights, rather than lowlights.

13 Lion and roses

Lion and roses

This tatt is punk rock! The fierce lion leaps out from the middle of the chest, and you’ve got the roses up the highest across the clavicles to balance out the planning at the highest. Chest items need plenty of thought before going in the chair!

14 Rose plus pet

Rose plus pet

Lots of individuals get tattoos of their beloved pets so they’ll keep in mind them invariably. The bond we have a tendency to kind with our pets is unbreakable and lots of times our relationships don’t last as long! Add you pet with a flower background for extra pop.

15 Rose and tendrils

Rose and tendrils

This tattoo is gorgeous each in its use of color and also the further addition of the plant tendrils going on the planning vertically. After all, roses don’t exist in isolation, however as a region of a bigger plant!

16 Rose and triangle

Rose and triangle

This style is exclusive therein the rose itself isn’t coloured in any respect. Instead, we tend to see the good red that we’d expect to be within the rose itself across a red triangle at all-time low. Dare to differ together with your tattoo design!

17 Growing my garden.

Growing my garden

You might have already got plantlike delineate somewhere on your body. perhaps you’d prefer to have confidence growing yourself your own tattoo garden! Here we’ve got associate older lucky four leaf trefoil, supplementary to with an oversized rose.

18 My corsage

My corsage

What’s prettier that one rose? several roses! This posy could be a terribly female style, placed on the higher mortise joint. select deep pinks rather than red to form your rose tattoo that far more female.

19 In full bloom

In full bloom

There is such a lot color happening during this tattoo! we tend to don’t typically see such wildly colourful, massive roses fully bloom in tattoos. It’s simply a reminder that roses will look terribly completely different across their lifecycle, from a little bud to this!

20 Rose in time

Rose in time

This sort of tattoos square measure very talked-about – you’ll see some completely different styles all combined into one. ostensibly unrelated, if you decide on fastidiously they’ll have smart continuity. The shading throughout here is completed o.k., too.

21 My pup

My pup

Another example of obtaining your ally inked, this is often one cute dog! selected your tattoo arrtist rigorously to urge a style that’s as clean and elaborate as this one. it would value a lot of, however it’ll positively be worthwhile within the long run!

22. Guns n roses

Guns n roses

We simply love this chick’s ink! it’s like she adds to her tattoo assortment often! the utilization of color, the little styles, complemented by the massive guns and roses shoulder tattoo all work very well along. There’s invariably space for one more!

23 All red outline

All red outline

You don’t simply need to get all black outlines done once you tattoo. Have a glance at this guy’s rose tattoo – exhausted a thick, all red define. It’s a motivating alternative and guaranteed to catch people’s eyes.

24 All the flowers

All the flowers

If you prefer a selected style or pattern enough, you’ll place confidence in continued it across additional of your body. This lady possible kicked off with simply a bit roses and so determined to continue it across her body creating for a sweet result.

25 The purple rose

The purple rose

Knowing your coloring could be a nice step to try to to before you go and find a tattoo. Some colours can complement you higher than others, in order that they is smart to use in your tattoo styles. This redhead appearance nice with the purple/green band.

26. A picturebook yellow rose

A picturebook yellow rose

This rose is redolent of the many older paintings of roses. If you’ve got one thing quite specific in mind for your tattoo, you’ll herald the painting or image, or hunt that creative person attract constant style. Instagram and Pinterest ar nice sources!

27 Rose down the thumb

Rose down the thumb

A hand tattoo with a difference! This single stem rose extends right down to the thumb creating it a remarkable and distinctive styles. Hand tattoos is quite distinctive thanks to the configuraitons you’ll build along with your ink.

28. On my thigh

On my thigh

Thighs area unit a preferred place for girls to induce larger tattoos. They’re hidden therefore they’re okay to possess with any job, and however you’ll be able to have them as massive as you wish, in contrast to the backside, arms or different such areas. Flower tattoos here area unit terribly popular!

29 A bevvy of beauties

A bevvy of beauties

Incorporating attention-grabbing patterns into the background of your tattoos will extremely create them stand out, like this conjointly social group, nearly spider-web like pattern performing arts within the background of those flowers and snake doctor style.

30 Double Rosed Hands

Double Rosed Hands

Tattooing across your entire body is changing into additional and additional common. this implies giant tattoos on hands, fingers, toes and necks! ensure that you simply have a decent trying style and mean creator before you get into the chair!

31 Rose and butterfly

Rose and butterfly

What is out there, after you look out into your ideal garden? for certain it’s a beutiful butterfly flutter through the flowers. Butterflies build the best companion to your rose tattoo, as you’ll be able to see by this girl’s tatt of Associate in Nursing awful danaid butterfly aboard her rose.

32 Just a cup of tea

Just a cup of tea

This tattoo is associate degree awful style – with the cracked teacup amid the roses. However, the execution of this tattoo isn’t nice. whether or not it’s from associate degree unstable tattooists hand or from poor medical aid, you’ll be able to see the lines aren’t striaght and have variable thicknesses.

33 Intricate rose an ruby

Intricate rose an ruby

Unlike the previous tattoo, the look has been drawn by a master of their craft. The love heart ruby during this style is especially eye catching, with it’s amazing use of sunshine ink to create the gem stand out and shine bright against the flecked background.

34. Rose on the neck

Rose on the neck

Neck tattoos square measure quite an commitment! on they’re changing into additional well-liked currently, in pprevious years having a neck tattoo had you pegged as a criminal. you’ll be able to tell that this guy is incredibly dependent on tattooing Associate in Nursingd is maybe an creative person himself.

35 Rose and amethyst

Rose and amethyst

We’re fairly sure the tattooist behind the previous ruby and rose tattoo on this list is behind this different gorgeous amethyst and rose style that you simply see here. The sound crystal component, rose, and complicated background style square measure all terribly similar – and awesome!

36 Sound skull

Sound skull

We’ve ne’er seen a tattoo quite like this one before! whereas skulls area unit a mainstay of the tattoo community, we’ve ne’er seen one carrying headphones before! maybe it’s got which means behind it to mention ignore what others say and simply hear the beats?

37. Lower stomach design

Lower stomach design

This is a well-liked spot for each males and females to urge tattoos. it’s thought of a horny space, as a result of it’s typically wherever the pant line starts and conjointly provides a good flat expanse for tattooists to figure with.

38. Rose music hip design

Rose music hip design

There area unit several songs that have lyrics regarding the sweetness of roses that is why it’s not uncommon to examine them worked in to tattoo styles that conjointly involve another common passion of individuals, music.

39 Back roses

Back roses

The back space is that the largest canvas space we’ve for tattoos, thus usually it’s reserved for larger styles. it’s not uncommon for individuals to urge multiple roses tattooed along and infrequently every one can represent one thing thereto person, perhaps even one thing like a love in their life.


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